where is heathrow airport terminal 5

Heathrow airport is one of the main airports in London. It is crowded nearly all the time and hundreds and thousands of travelers come and go from this airport on daily basis. It has many terminals among which the Heathrow airport terminal 5 is the largest and the best one. It serves the people with great care as it offers the valet parking heathrow terminal 5 services to its travelers. Other parking services are also offered by the airport staff for the ease of the populace.

Location of the Heathrow airport terminal 5:

It is easy to locate the Heathrow terminal at the airport as it is the place where most amount of travelers are found. It can handle 35million passengers per year.

It is located near the junction 14 of the M25 off the A3044. It is also popular as the T5 or the British airport terminal 5. It was opened on 27th March 2008 and since then it is serving the people who come to the Heathrow airport. The exact money that was spent on the construction of this terminal was £4.2 billion. The structure of the terminal is made up of the steel frame while the roof is of the glass material.